What is UrbanDesignX? (or UDX for the cool kids)

UDX is an engagement platform to empower local citizens to share, map, and discuss urban change.

We believe everyone has a role to play in making our communities safer, stronger, and successful. We all have ideas about what a great place looks and feels like. UDX is a place to share these ideas and bring them together in a way that is accessible and delightful across all devices.

Share the change.

First, upload a thumbnail and cover photo. Then follow the prompts to complete the project form. With UDX you also have the option to tag each project, article or post.

Create Project, Article or Post
Fill the Form
Submit & Share

Map the change.

With UDX you can explore ideas presented in your community and be inspired by projects around the world on the UDX map. Consider adding tags to your project, article, or post, enabling greater filtering precision.

Discuss the change.

We believe at its best, social media can be harnessed to build a sense of community. UDX provides collaborative spaces to discuss challenges and highlight opportunities to build better places together.

Inspire the change.

Join the community.

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